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The Discovery Vacation Club brings you a new way of enjoying your hard earned holiday time, in fantastic locations all over the world and at prices normally only enjoyed by those in vacation ownership, club membership, country clubs. The Club membership is for duration of 35 months from date of joining. Just enough time for you to get a taste of Worldwide Paradise.

The Discovery Vacation Club is bringing new ideas into the holiday market to allow members to experience the wonderful world of travel at fantastic value, be it at top Resorts and Hotels in the worlds fantastic city's or major holiday playgrounds.


The choice is yours - Just look at what's on offer for 2 Adults – can also include 2 kids under 13

Spending two weeks, Wk 1 & Wk 2, at The Bali Seascape Beach Club or Bali Palms Resort, just relaxing by the pool, or on the beach, enjoying superb food and favourite cocktails at our beach front bars and restaurants. Imagine just chilling out in the evening, with a cool drink, watching the spectacular sun set into the horizon.

Membership of Dial an Exchange which allows Members to choose a 1 weeks stay at any worldwide resort available on the Dial an Exchange website. Members may take this offer on the 2nd and 3rd years of membership after their first visit to our Bali resorts.

Try a holiday in a top resort in Gold Coast, USA, Spain, China, UK, Europe, Egypt or more?


WANT TO JOIN US AND PAY JUST AU$1975 for DVC Membership?

Use the form on our contact us page to provide your details and discuss what we can offer.